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  • Translation
  • General Editing
  • Scholar Editing
  • Expert Review
  • Journal Selection
  • Formatting
  • Submission

Translation is performed only by Lexcode’s expert translators who understand language and research. Backed by its 20 years of experience, Lexcode provides the expertise you need for your paper.

If you’re only concerned with natural tone or need one final review of the content in terms of format, language, academic tone, and content soundness, General Editing is all you need.

Scholar Editing provides an academic writing review that includes checking for logical flow, clarity, consistency, research significance and novelty, and methodology appropriateness, and academic integrity. Formatting is provided free of charge.

Expert Review is performed by experienced reviewers of the same field. This allows you to set the direction for necessary revision and identify the steps necessary to improve publication likelihood in your target journal.

Journal Selection allows you to find the right journal for your research. We curate a list of journals where your paper has a high likelihood of publication based on specific metrics and content specifications.

Formatting ensures the preparedness of your paper to be published in your target journal, including reference and citation formatting, paper organization, preparation of necessary documents and attachments, tables and figures finalization, among others.

Submission allows you to focus on just writing your paper as our team takes the role of submitting your paper in your chosen submission portal and communicating with your target’s editorial board.

Journal Lab’s authors have been published in multiple international journals,
and the list gets longer every day. Check out some of the journals our authors are published in below.


227_International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health


192_Nuclear Engineering and Technology

191_Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology

190_Journal of Ginseng Research

187_Surgery and Rehabilitation

184_American Journal of Transplantation (1)

182_Materials Science and Technology

169_Sexual Medicine

168_Journal of Information Systems Processing

164_Journal of Applied Biological Chemistry



150_Materials Today Communications

147_Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

142_Keimyung Medical Journal

116_Fire Technology

114_Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

112_Journal of Nursing Education

104_Cogent Education

88_IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transporation System

85_Materials & Design

84_Materials & Design

78_Ceramics International

68_Translational Cancer Research

67_Applied Sciences


51_IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation System


34_Journal of Architectural and Planning Research

33_IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health & Medicine

30_Journal of the Textile Institute

28_International Journal of Internet, Broadcasting and Communication

26_Entomological Research

21_Software Testing, Verification and Reliability

20_Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering

19_Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology

18_Quintessence International

13_Issues in Mental Health Nursing

6_British Food Journal

5_Electrical Engineering

3_Plos One

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